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What are the advantages of Yandex Plus?
With a Yandex Plus subscription, you can listen to music without any restrictions and take advantage of other special offers available exclusively to Yandex Plus subscribers. Yandex Plus subscribers have access to exclusive promotions, private sales, and special events.
How do I cancel a subscription?
It's easy to cancel a subscription, but it also means you'll lose all the Yandex Plus benefits. You won't be able to listen to Yandex Music, watch movies and TV shows on Kinopoisk, and earn and spend bonus points anymore.
To keep the remaining subscription days, you can freeze your subscription. You'll be able to reactivate it at any time. To freeze your subscription, go to your account, select your active plan
"Freeze subscription".  And if you want to cancel your Yandex Plus subscription altogether, select "Cancel subscription". Your subscription will be canceled, but you'll be able to use Yandex Plus until the end of the paid period. If you cancel your subscription during the trial period, Yandex Plus may be deactivated earlier than it was initially planned. For example, if you have a 3-month free trial and decide to cancel your subscription, this trial only remains valid until the end of the current month.  If you signed up for YandexPlus through your mobile carrier and decide to unsubscribe, you'll lose access to YandexPlus on the same day.
Will Yandex.Plus be deactivated as soon as I cancel my subscription?
Your subscription is canceled immediately, but you can use Yandex Plus until the end of the paid period.

If you cancel your subscription during the trial period, Yandex Plus may be deactivated earlier. For example, if you have a free three-month trial and decide to cancel your subscription, this trial can only remain valid until the end of a current month.

If you sign up for Yandex Plus through your mobile carrier and then decide to unsubscribe, you lose access to Yandex Plus on the same day.
I was charged but still don't have access to Yandex Plus. What should I do?
Make sure that you log in to Yandex services (such as Kinopoisk, Yandex Music, Yandex Go, and others) with the same username that you used when subscribing.
If you forgot the username or password for your account, use the recommendations provided in Yandex ID help. If you log in to the correct account but Yandex Plus is still not accessible, try logging out and logging in again.
Can I get a refund if I didn't use the subscription?
Yes. Before doing this, make sure that you indeed haven't used the subscription before:
— Didn't watch movies and TV shows on Kinopoisk.
— Didn't listen to music and podcasts on Yandex Music.
— Didn't spend Yandex Plus bonus points. For example, on rides, Yandex.Market and Yandex.Afisha orders, or food delivery through Yandex.Lavka. If all the requirements are met, please fill out this form: Specify the date, time, and amount of the payment, as well as your bank card details. We'll investigate the issue and send a response to the email you provided.